Floral Inspiration Ⅱ: Sweet scented Purples

We have the beautiful scented lilac for you today, combined with garden roses and black scabiosa. The tablecloth is a black satin linen with a stitched floral print which was a perfect match to the color of the blooms.
Floral arrangement Purple centerpiece Floral arrangement Blumendekoration Centerpiece Table set-up Floral arrangement Floral arrangement I am so happy that Modern Vintage & Co was a part of our 2nd floral inspiration session. The impressive collection of porcelain & glassware makes every table set-up beautiful.
And as you already know, the images are provided by the wonderful Ashley Ludaescher.
Hope you are all enjoying this day off!
Botanic Art


  1. Lovely lilac.

  2. BEAUTYCALYPSE · · Reply

    you are the best. this is beyond beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much! I just love everyones sweetest feedback! Makes it all so much more fun!

      1. BEAUTYCALYPSE · ·

        :) well it’s all well deserved.

        btw, I discovered that my succulents propagated much more efficiently when stuck into cactus soil, and not as suggested on that succulent blog, laid out on a plate to dry or whatnot. those all died :(

      2. Oh the succulents…..I am happy to hear that they spruced up once you changed to cactus soil. I still have some of mine out of soil, only in water and they keep growing where as others just dried up as well. I hope the one that lives keeps bringing you much joy!!! :)

      3. BEAUTYCALYPSE · ·

        they do, in fact. I love them.

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